KidMin 2015 | Chicago, IL, September 25-27, 2015

Connect Groups


Connect Groups

Authentic Conversation

Jesus said, “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”

It’s true: God never designed you to do ministry—or life—alone. It’s in the space between people that God shows up.

We need each other. We need to be real. We need to be known.

We welcome you into a setting that won’t overwhelm you with herds of people. Instead, we see you—one person on a mission. One person who has needs and desires and dreams.

Everything about KidMin is engineered to create meaningful conversations. You’ll make new friends—real friends. At Group’s KidMin Conference, God will give you connections that’ll change your life. We’re so committed to you connecting with others that we have more than 20 Connect Groups that get the conversation going.

Get Connected. It’s Easy!

You’re not alone at KidMin. Connect Groups give you the chance to meet with other children’s ministers just like you in a casual setting in between regular sessions. They’re led by seasoned leaders who’ve been exactly where you are.

How are Connect Groups set up?

Connect Groups are small-space, group-style conversations for people with similar ministry needs, led by experts who serve as mentors. They usually meet in the same spot (such as an Xorbee chair pod) at various times throughout the conference.

Do I have to go to a Connect Group?

It’s casual, open, and optional. Just stop by and check out a Connect Group anytime—no one is taking attendance, and everyone is welcome!

Balancing Ministry and Family

It’s hard to talk about family ministry when things are tough with your own family. Find support, encouragement, and helpful tips with others who share this challenge.

First 2 Years in Children’s Ministry

Excited but a little overwhelmed with your new role? Whether ministry is turning out to be a dream or a nightmare, connect with others who are also new to ministry.

Large-Church Children’s Ministry

Relax and let down your guard with others who also share a wealth of opportunities. Share what is and isn’t working for you.

Bivocational Ministry

Feeling stretched between your ministry, family, and other job? How can you balance everything? Connect with others like you for workable solutions and support.

Small-Church Children’s Ministry

Your small church provides intimate impact and, at times, challenges with low attendance. Connect with others who are doing big things with small resources.

Rural Children’s Ministry

Your rural children’s ministry can be a vibrant “city on the hill.” Come find out how to celebrate and maximize your unique context with others just like you.

Canada and Beyond

You’ve come a long way! Brainstorm with others like you for ways to cross borders, contexts, and countries to apply all you’re learning at KidMin.

Urban Children’s Ministry

Will what you’re learning at KidMin work in an urban context? Connect with others to grapple with implementing principles to your arena of impact.

Preteen Ministry

You’re pioneering ministry with an awkward but awesome age group. Connect with others who know what it’s like to reach these kids before they leave your ministry.

Children’s Ministry Veterans (10+ years)

Maybe you sense that everything’s changing—or staying the same—in children’s ministry. Share your thoughts with other KidMin veterans who have great wisdom.

Multi-Site Ministry

When your church goes multi-site, your challenges multiply exponentially. Connect with others who’ve figured out how to do it well…and lived to tell about it!

Special Needs Ministry

Find support and encouragement with others walking alongside people with special needs and discover new ideas for serving these wonderful folks in your church.

Discouraged in Children’s Ministry

If you think you want to throw in the towel, you’re not alone. Maybe, though, you just need a listening ear and prayer support. Connect with others to get your second wind.

Thriving in Transition

Transition and change are inevitable, but you can make a difficult transition much easier with a healthy support network. Find that and more in this group.

Early Childhood Ministry

Celebrate the ups, the downs, the joys, and the realities of shepherding the youngest of God’s flock with the very visionary kidmins in this group.

Here Alone

Come meet others who are as courageous as you are to get the training, support, and encouragement at KidMin—even though you’re flying solo!

International Children’s Ministers

You’ve come a long way! Brainstorm with others like you for ways to cross borders, contexts, and countries to apply all you’re learning at KidMin.

Men in Children’s Ministry

As the not-so-silent minority in kidmin, you have unique challenges and opportunities. Connect with other guys who “get it.”

Married to a Children’s Minister

Whether you’re a silent or equal partner, you serve an important role! Connect with other spouses who share the joys and challenges of this kidmin journey.

Women in Children’s Ministry

What’s it mean to be a woman, fueled by God, serving children in your church? Share with other women who tirelessly lead children’s ministry.